Rahim Hassanally Looks To The Future

Rahim Hassanally

June 5, 2020

Rahim Hassanally

Rahim Hassanally believes that entrepreneurship is vital and that it also takes a specific mindset. He has earned great success and is not hesitant to share the secrets of his growth. Rahim Hassanally is the President and Dealer Principal of Momentum Auto Group, Fairfield, CA and he works tirelessly when it comes to contributing to local charities, helping other entrepreneurs succeed, and of course continuing to grow his own success. Rahim Hassanally has raised over $10,000 for breast cancer awareness and research and he puts effort and time into other nonprofits and charities in the area and nationally.

Rahim Hassanally Has Stayed Busy And The Fairfield CA Area Has Improved Due to His Tireless Efforts.

Rahim Hassanally earned his accolades and awards through a great attitude, daily work, and a tenacity that you only find in the most successful of entrepreneurs. His Urban Wheel Awards and appointment with the New Motor Vehicle Board were notable achievements but his spotlight on promising breast cancer treatment breakthroughs bring him the most pride. He hopes 2020 brings even more advancement in cancer research and of course continued success in his business.

Rahim Hassanally states that an optimistic attitude, passion, and self-belief are all vital to success as an entrepreneur. Wisdom is needed, but the confidence to push forward is also key. Rahim Hassanally could have taken the “easy” route and continued in the family business. But he chose to take his own path, apply some of that self-belief and confidence into a venture that he believed in and now he can say he is a self-made man who follows his passions and continues through the good and the bad.

Rahim Hassanally is a board member on the Department of Motor Vehicles, he is a member of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers, additionally, he serves as a board member on the American International Automobile Dealers Association. But his career is not his only passion, he puts his entrepreneurial spirit into raising breast cancer awareness and funds, he supports many charities and causes, and he is an avid sportsman. He has many accolades under his belt but he does not let the awards or news articles define him as he goes about putting his all into his business ventures and charities that are close to his heart.

Rahim Hassanally plans to continue to work hard through 2020, come what may. Another key element to success? Flexibility and willingness to change in an ever-changing world. Whatever the world looks like after this pandemic, his optimism, self-confidence, and flexibility will mean that 2020 can be a success, come what may.