Rahim Hassanally: Why Entrepreneurship Remains a Critical Part of the Market

Rahim Hassanally

November 14, 2020

Rahim Hassanally

Automotive entrepreneur Rahim Hassanally has seen a decrease in the entrepreneurial spirit in recent years, and this fact has him a little concerned. People are now attempting to either make it on their own in business or sticking to limited economic funds for life. As a result, Rahim Hassanally recently discussed why entrepreneurship is still so important in today’s economy. 

The Nature of Entrepreneurship According to Rahim Hassanally

Growing up as a young man in Texas, Rahim Hassanally was always driven by a desire to succeed. As a result, he has become one of the most respected automobile entrepreneurs in the nation. And he believes that hard work is crucial to this success. Though timing and intelligence were crucial to his work, Rahim Hassanally states that he also had to put in a lot of time and energy to succeed. 

And for him, that is a big part of what makes entrepreneurship so crucial for the economy. Rahim Hassanally believes that today’s modern economy focuses too much on the quick buck or the age-old get-rich-quick schemes. Those may work for some people but don’t always produce a consistent level of success, he’s found. Rahim Hassanally has seen more than once fly-by-night get-rich-quick scam artists crash and burn after an initial burst of success. 

Instead, Rahim Hassanally believes that those who want to try to succeed in today’s market must keep the old-school entrepreneur spirit alive by working hard and staying on task. He believes that doing so is critical because entrepreneurs drive economic growth in ways that many may not fully understand. Therefore, he thinks it is vital for those interested in this process to grasp how important they are to the economy. 

How Entrepreneurs Help the Economy 

Over the years, Rahim Hassanally has found that entrepreneurs often catalyze many businesses. Their money, investment skills, and hard work often trigger a domino effect that gets things done. For example, entrepreneurs like Elon Musk come up with great ideas, such as self-driving cars, and invest money in their development, creating a large number of changes in the market. 

However, Rahim Hassanally also emphasizes the independence common in many entrepreneurs. These individuals often have ties to many companies and work on their behalf in many ways. Rahim Hassanally doesn’t believe that this is a problem, though, because it allows entrepreneurs the flexibility to work in many markets and to target many areas that others cannot hit. 

Lastly, Rahim Hassanally also believes that entrepreneurs help to change the world by enhancing the business world and creating products that may provide real social benefits. For example, Rahim Hassanally knows entrepreneurs who have invested in a vaccine for Covid-19 not because they want the money a vaccine would offer, but because they want to make a difference in the world.